Spectroscopic Reflectometry

Spectroscopic reflectometers, for fast and accurate, flexible measurement of thin films with small spot size and options to fit your application needs.

The Spectroscopic Reflectometery Tools – RM 1000 and RM 2000

The spectroscopic reflectometer RM 1000/2000 features UV to NIR spectral range from 200 nm – 930 nm. The optical layout is optimied for light throughput for reliable measurements of n and k even on rough or curved surfaces. Precise height and tilt adjustment leads to accurate single beam reflectance measurements, stable day after day.

Film Thickness Probe – FTPadv

The FTPadv is a cost-effective table top solution for spectroscopic reflectometry which features rapid thickness measurements. A measurement is performed in less than 100 ms with a precision of lower than 0.3 nm and film thickness range of 50 nm – 25 µm. A broad range of predefined recipes are included for easy spectroscopic reflectometry operation
FTPadv Expert

Comprehensive Thin Film Measurement Software – FTPadv Expert

The spectroscopic reflectometry software FTPadv Expert is especially designed for measuring and analysing R(λ) and T(λ). Spectral data analyses for determining thin film thickness, extinction coefficient or refractive index of materials have been implemented into the software, enabling the material description and fitting by standard industry parameters.
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