The Spectroscopic Reflectometery Tools – RM 1000 and RM 2000

The spectroscopic reflectometer RM 1000/2000 features UV to NIR spectral range from 200 nm – 930 nm. The optical layout is optimied for light throughput for reliable measurements of n and k even on rough or curved surfaces. Precise height and tilt adjustment leads to accurate single beam reflectance measurements, stable day after day.

Key features & benefits

Push the limits for refractive index measurements

SENTECH reflectometers feature the most accurate single beam reflectance measurements by height and tilt adjustment of a sample and by high light conductance of optical layout, allowing repeatable measurements of n and k, measurements on rough surfaces as well as thickness measurements of very thin films.

UV to NIR spectral range

RM 1000          410 nm – 1000 nm

RM 2000          200 nm – 1000 nm

High-resolution mapping

The reflectometers RM 1000 and RM 2000 can optionally be equipped with an x‑y mapping stage and mapping software and an objective lens for small spot sizes.

Thickness map of photoresist / Si (substrate) with step size of 50 µm and 25 µm

Reflection measurement
on rough surfaces

X-y mapping stage

The RM 1000 and RM 2000 spectroscopic reflectometers measure the reflectance of flat or curved samples with smooth or rough surfaces. The thickness, extinction coefficient, and refractive index of single films or layer stacks are calculated using the SENTECH FTPadv Expert software. Single films between 2 nm and 50 µm thickness (RM 2000) or 100 µm (RM 1000) respectively, layer stacks, and substrates can be analysed in the UV‑VIS‑NIR spectral range.


Flexibility and modularity

The SENTECH RM 1000 and RM 2000 represent our high-end reflectometers. The tabletop device comprises the highly stabilised light source, the reflection optics with auto-collimating telescope and microscope, a video camera, the height and tilt adjustable sample platform, the spectral photometer, and the power supply. It can be optionally equipped with an x‑y mapping stage and mapping software, and an objective lens for a second spot size.

Besides film thickness and optical constants, the composition of films (e. g. of AlGaN on GaN, SiGe on Si), AR coating (e. g. on textured silicon solar cells, UV sensitive GaN devices), and coatings on small medical stents can be measured by our reflectometers. These reflectometers support applications in microelectronics, microsystems technology, optoelectronics, glass coatings, flat panel technology, life science, biotechnology, and others.

The comprehensive, recipe-oriented SENTECH FTPadv EXPERT software for our reflectometers RM 1000 / 2000 includes measurement set-up, data acquisition, modelling, fitting, and reporting. An extensive database of predefined customer proven and ready-to-use applications is already built in. The AutoModel option allows for the automatic selection of sample models from a spectra library. Based on SENTECH expertise in spectroscopic ellipsometry, a large materials library and the variety of dispersion models allow the analysis of nearly all materials and films by our spectroscopic reflectometers. The data library can easily be updated with new optical data by the operator. SENTECH supports its customers with the measurement of new materials with unknown optical properties by spectroscopic ellipsometry.


  • Spectral range: 410 nm – 1000 nm
  • Film thickness range: 2 nm – 100 µm
  • Spot size: 80 µm
  • Spectral range 200 nm – 1000 nm
  • Film thickness range: 2 nm – 50 µm
  • Spot size: 100 µm

Material database including:

  • Dielectrics on semiconductors,
  • Epitaxial films on semiconductors
  • Metallic films on semiconductors
  • Films on metallic substrates
  • Films on transparent substrates
  • Mapping (up to 200 x 200 mm2)
  • Second objective lens
  • SprectraRay/4 software
  • PC

The options of the RM 1000/2000 support applications in many industries:

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