Plasma Etching

Discover the SENTECH modular and flexible ICP-RIE processing systems for low-damage, high-rate, and high-selectivity inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching.

Plasma etch systems

ICP-RIE Plasma Etch System – SI 500

The SENTECH SI 500 ICP-RIE high-end plasma etch system uses an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source with low ion energy for low-damage etch and nanostructuring.

Cryogenic ICP-RIE Plasma Etch System – SI 500 C

The SI 500 C represents the leading edge for inductively coupled plasma (ICP) processing designed for cryogenic etching.

RIE Open Lid Plasma Etch System – Etchlab 200

The plasma etching system Etchlab 200 features the benefits of cost-effective direct loading for RIE.

RIE Plasma Etch System with Small Footprint – SI 591 compact

The SENTECH SI 591 compact RIE Plasma Etch system with load lock is a compact solution for chlorine and fluorine-based RIE.

RIE Plasma Etch System with He Backside Cooling – SI 500 CCP

A conductively coupled plasma etch tool with Helium backside cooling for processing of substrates in RIE mode.