Thin Film Metrology

Explore the SENTECH R&D and fully-automated metrology tools for the precise measurement and characterisation of thin films or coatings. The ideal quality control solution for thickness measurement, optical properties, composition, and uniformity in research labs or a production environment.

Experts in thin film metrology


Gain valuable insight into the optical properties of your thin films and surfaces using our non-destructive spectroscopic ellipsometry range of tools.


Leverage the unique properties of laser light for high-precision and high-sensitivity measurements of your thin films and surfaces with our laser ellipsometry tools.


Determine valuable information about the material properties of your thin films including refractive index and thickness using our durable reflectometry tools.

for quality control

Our QC tools ensure the accuracy, reliability, and precision of measurements  you need for obtaining accurate data, reproducible results, uniform and consistent measurements for robust and meaningful statistical process control.

In-situ metrology /
endpoint detection

Use our tools to avoid defects or layer damage while increasing time and resource efficiency with uninterrupted real-time measurement, characterisation, and endpoint detection of your materials or processes in their natural environment.

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