Atomic Layer Deposition Systems

Find the best Atomic Layer Deposition System providing excellent uniformity and conformity for ultra-thin pinhole and particle-free films even down to just a few nanometers.

Precise thickness control and uniformity

PEALD System with True Remote CCP Source – SI PEALD

The SENTECH True Remote CCP Source enables homogenous and conformal coating of sensitive substrates and layers at low temperatures. A high flux of reactive gas species is provided at the sample surface without UV radiation or ion bombardment.

PEALD System for Optical Coatings on Large Substrates – SILAYO

The SENTECH SILAYO is a plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) system for optical coatings and extends the SENTECH PECVD and ALD product portfolio.

AL Real Time Monitor

The SENTECH AL Real Time Monitor is a proven optical diagnostic tool allowing fast process development with ultra-high resolution of single ALD and ALE cycles.