In-situ Metrology / Endpoint Detection

Find the best tools in in-situ monitoring for process controlled and fast, efficient, process development and optimisation.

AL Real Time Monitor

The SENTECH AL Real Time Monitor is a proven optical diagnostic tool allowing fast process development with ultra-high resolution of single ALD and ALE cycles.

Laser Ellipsometer for in-situ measurement – SE 401adv

In-situ sub-angstrom precision measurement of ultra-thin, single-layer films.

Laser-based interferometric EPD – SLI

The SENTECH SLI Laser Interferometer for process monitoring and endpoint detection is the perfect partner for in-situ optical metrology with the SENTECH plasma etch and deposition range of systems.

SENresearch 4.0 for in-situ measurement – Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

The SENTECH SENresearch 4.0 in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometers (SER 801 and SER 801 DUV) are measurement tools to monitor etching and deposition processes with a high spectral resolution to generate endpoints or to characterise layers.
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