Berlin, 13.09.2017

SenSol Roll-to-Roll (R2R), Metrology for solar cells on large foils SENTECH mastered new challenge

Metrology for solar cells on large foils

SENTECH developed the new SenSol R2R measurement system for photovoltaics using large foil as substrate. Film thickness, optical as well as electrical properties of functional coatings can be measured on any position of the 2000 m long foils. For this purpose, transmission, reflection measurements and electrical metrology are applied. Challenging are flexibility and tension of the foil because they result in bulges and wrinkles.

So far, SENTECH has expertise in measurement systems for large area glass substrates and silicon wafers. This know how was applied to enable characterization and quality control of coated thin, large area foils. SENTECH developed team designed a new measurement system using new optical sensor heads, which compensate for waviness of foil and provide optimal measurement results.  SenSol R2R consists of the SENTECH measurement system combined with high quality industrial winders. The winder keeps the ripples of the foil low and enables precisely mapping the 2000 m long foil. SENTECH proprietary sensor heads inside the measuring unit compensate for bulges, tensions, microstructures or flapping of the foil during transport of the foil.

The SenSol R2R was developed for photovoltaic application and can be easily adapted to other industrial quality control and characterization tasks on coated large area foils.

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