SENTECH proudly announces the annual seminar on “Plasma Process Technology”

SENTECH-Plasma-Seminar-2015 - Participants

(Participants of the Seminar Plasma Process Technology March 7th, 2015)

SENTECH has invited experienced individuals from industry and research & development. They will offer the latest news on topics such as on applications of ICPECVD, PEALD, RIE, DRIE and cryogenic etching by SENTECH plasma systems. For further information please download the full program here: Program SENTECH Plasma Seminar 2016 . In addition SENTECH personell from our application department will present their latest development and application of SENTECH products.

SENTECH is going to present low temperature ICPECVD using liquid precursors as an alternative to silane-based processing. PEALD using the true remote plasma source will be compared to PEALD with the PTSA ICP plasma source. The innovative ALD Real Time Monitor will demonstrate high resolution in situ process monitoring.

After the SENTECH Seminar participants are invited to visit SENTECH application laboratories and production facilities.

We are looking forward to welcome you at SENTECH!

The SENTECH Seminar on „Plasma Process Technology” takes place at SENTECH Instruments, Schwarzschildstraße 2, Berlin-Adlershof, on Thursday, April 7th, 2016.

Please send the registration form to SENTECH per fax no.: +49 89 8979607-22. For further information please call: +49 89 8979607-0 or contact us by e-mail sales@sentech.de.