Berlin, 16.02.2015

New load lock for ergonomic wafer loading


SENTECH is proud to launch a new small footprint load lock that is now integrated in all SENTECH plasma deposition and etching systems. Pumping time, venting time as well as foot print of SENTECH plasma tools are reduced. Furthermore, the new load lock features ergonomic wafer loading.

The load lock is designed for wafers up to 8” diameter. The base pressure is lower than 10 Pa using a small dry pump of 14 m3/h pumping speed. Optionally, a turbo pump (33 l/s) is available to reduce the base pressure down to 10-3 Pa. The wafer unloading time is reduced by a factor of 3 compared to former load lock.

Space in the laboratory is saved. Using the SCARA robot design (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) the size of the new load lock has been reduced by a factor of two. This great advantage is not the only one that highlights the new load lock. Loading and unloading of wafers is now more comfortable for the user.

The first plasma etching tools equipped with the new load lock were delivered to SENTECH users. High reliability and excellent performance are already proven in industrial environment.

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