Berlin 11.11.2016

SENperc PV nominated for the “Innovation Award 2016”

2016_Innovation Award

(Photo by Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg 2016)

SENTECH is very proud to announce that our new SENperc PV has been nominated for the Innovation Award 2016 Berlin Brandenburg. The innovative tool features quality control for PERC cell back side manufacturing in the photovoltaic sector. Therefore the SENperc PV is one of the 10 most innovative products of the year 2016. The awards ceremony will take place at December 2, 2016 at TU Berlin.

The Innovation Award 2016 is an annual event targeting to promote innovate products which are generating the jobs of the future for the region of and around Berlin. The price is meant to be an instrument of business promotion to shape the economic future of the region in a positive way.

SENTECH SENperc PV is a system for quality control in Photovoltaics. It guarantees the efficiency and quality of PERC solar cell manufacturing. PERC cells consist of multiple layers, their properties and interdependences are generating more energy than conventional cells. For the quality control of PERC cells, it is necessary to precisely control the properties of the back side passivation layers by means of an optical, nondestructive measurement. The SENperc PV is the solution. The advantages of this innovative SENperc PV system are easy recipe based operation and statistical process control for quality control in industrial PERC cell manufacturing and the direct and long-term feedback to the operator for immediate intervention.

There will be 5 awardees winning the 10.000 Euro doped trophy money. Since 1992 more than 150 price winners have been awarded. If you want to learn more about our innovative SENperc PV or other Photovoltaic measurement tools contact us here!