Berlin, 25.02.2016

SENTECH metrology favored by NIMS Japan


(NIMS laboratory with SENTECH devices, left SE 850 DUV and right SENDIRA)

The National Institute for Materials Science –NIMS– in Japan successfully brought in operation two SENTECH metrology devices: First the spectroscopic ellipsometer SE 850 DUV of the SENTECH SENresearch family. Second the infrared ellipsometer SENDIRA was bought. The outstanding features of these two SENTECH ellipsometers were the reason for the decision of NIMS. This is the worldwide broadest spectral for UV-VI-NIR ellipsometers from 190 nm to 3.5 µm, the most accurate Step Scan Analyser operation mode and the large overlapping of the spectral ranges of SE 850 DUV. For SENDIRA it is the combination of IR ellipsometer optics with a fully applicable FTIR instrument.

The NIMS Institute dedicates its work to the materials research. Both SENTECH ellipsometers SE 850 DUV and SENDIRA are used at NIMS for the fundamental research on new materials. The ellipsometers are used in the Nano-System Photonics Group.

After installation SENTECH application engineer Sven Peters visited the Nano-System Photonics group of NIMS. The team consists of scientists from Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and India. He visited the institute for two times. He gave application support and extended training. An introduction into the measurement of Mueller matrix elements using SENTECH ellipsometers was given too. The special support provided by Sven Peters helped the team members to solve current measurement tasks. They are now able to operate both ellipsometers easily.

The team of the Nano System Photonics Group expressed their very positive opinion about SENTECH metrology tools after the trainings. The ellipsometers with their wide spectral ranges and the ultrafast measurements in the infrared are simplifying the research work considerably.

SENTECH is very grateful for the very positive feedback. We want to thank NIMS for the trust they were giving into SENTECH metrology products. We will support the group also in future and help them to apply successfully spectroscopic ellipsometry for their research.

If you want to learn more about possible applications of SENTECH metrology you can contact us here. We will provide application notes and further services.