SILAYO - PEALD for optical coatings


Benefits of SILAYO:

PEALD for best thin film uniformity < 1 %

SILAYO is designed for conformal and homogeneous optical coatings on large 3D objects and on batches of small substrates. The SENTECH proprietary Planar Triple Spiral Antenna (PTSA) provides a homogeneous plasma for homogeneous optical coatings.

Samples up to 330 mm diameter & 100 mm height

SILAYO enables homogeneously coating samples up to 330 mm in diameter and a vertical dimension up to 100 mm.

Stress control using RF bias

The optional RF biased substrate electrode allows the modification of the layer properties (e.g. stress and refractive index).

SILAYO is a Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition System for optical coatings and extends SENTECH PECVD and ALD product portfolio. Optical coatings require a high level of accuracy and repeatability regarding layer properties such as thickness, composition, conformality and stress control.

SILAYO is designed for depositing materials on large and 3D-shaped substrates, especially for optical coatings with high requirements on layer performance such as:

  • High precision in thickness and composition control
  • Smooth surfaces and sharp interfaces
  • Stress control, especially for high thickness multilayer stacks
  • High uniformity and conformality on 3D shapes
  • Reduced deposition temperatures for low damage processing

SILAYO extends SENTECH ALD and PEALD product portfolio to deposition on 330 mm substrates and 3D substrates. In order to ensure an excellent uniformity and conformality in layer-thickness, plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition is used for depositing optical thin films applied as e.g. anti-reflective coatings or optical filter systems. SILAYO uses the advantages of the Planar Triple Spiral Antenna (PTSA) ICP source in PEALD processing.

The system is controlled by advanced SENTECH control software using remote field bus technology, and a user-friendly interface. It can optionally be equipped with proprietary Real Time Monitor for in situ monitoring.

Documents   To get more information, please click here.

Documents   To get more information, please click here.