The SENTECH “Plasma Process Technology Seminar” returns for 2022


This year saw the welcome return of the application-oriented “Plasma Process Technology” seminar from SENTECH Instruments

On 7 April, SENTECH in Berlin-Adlershof was happy to once again welcome a group of international speakers and delegates representing semiconductor and microelectronics research organisations and industry, to share their collective experiences using SENTECH plasma tools with different applications from plasma etching, PECVD and PEALD.
This year's seminar covered important current topics including low damage etching for sensors, devices and quantum technology and the advances in key process performance parameters to reproducibly, provide uniformity, reductions in surface roughness and smooth sidewall geometry across diamond-based and supra conducting quantum technology.
There are many examples demonstrating how these advancements continue to support the development of the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, including the microLED, laser, and photodetector industries. This rapidly growing market is continuously investing in research to find ways to evolve and improve the quality production and manufacture of display systems for many key business sectors including gaming, streaming and the automobile industry.
SENTECH would like to offer a special word of thanks to all of the speakers for sharing their fascinating insights at the 2022 “Plasma Process Technology Seminar” and we look forward to next year's meeting. For any more information about any of the presentations from this year's seminar or to talk to a member of our team about how SENTECH can support your organisation, please contact us via