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This year’s SENTECH Plasma Process Technology Seminar on 25 April 2024, in Berlin-Adlershof, was once again a great forum for ideas and networking. You can read a summary on all the news from the event here.
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Find out more about how a SENTECH ICP-RIE Plasma System was used by researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Mechanics IOF and the Institute of Applied Physics IAP at the Friedrich Schiller University to develop diamond microstructures for precise measurement in the extremely remote infrared range →read more

SENTECH Thin Film Metrology Seminar 2023-200 x134

The SENTECH Thin Film Metrology Seminar and Workshop took place on 29 – 30 November 2023 in Berlin-Adlershof. Read the full article to find out more about the seminar and all of the topics from this year's event.  →read more

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Find out about the collaboration between SENTECH and “Research Laboratory Microelectronics Bochum for 2D Electronic Systems” (ForLab PICT2DES) at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) project to learn more about the atomic layer deposition (ALD) for 2D materials. Request your copy of the case study here. →read more

ICP-RIE Plasma Etching:

Plasma_cryogenicSiPlasma_lithographyPlasma etching result of VCSEL structure using Ar-Cl2 gas mixtureEtching process result of Si-DRIE (SF6-C4F8-O2) post O2 cleanPlasma etching result of SF6-C4F8 based gas chopping process(IAP-Jena)ICP PECVD TEOS SiO2 film step coverage over Si ridge(IISB-Erlangen)ICP RIE result of SF6O2-C4F8-based Si gas chopping process

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