ICP-RIE Plasma Etching:

Plasma_cryogenicSiPlasma_lithographyPlasma etching result of VCSEL structure using Ar-Cl2 gas mixtureEtching process result of Si-DRIE (SF6-C4F8-O2) post O2 cleanPlasma etching result of SF6-C4F8 based gas chopping process(IAP-Jena)ICP PECVD TEOS SiO2 film step coverage over Si ridge(IISB-Erlangen)ICP RIE result of SF6O2-C4F8-based Si gas chopping process

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Application-oriented thin film measurement seminar

Thin film measurement SeminarSENTECH as a worldwide leader in thin film measurement and plasma process technology organizes application oriented seminars on a regular basis. The most recent seminar “Ellipsometry and Reflectometry for characterizing thin films” was on thin film measurement. →read more

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Measuring all 16 Mueller Matrix Elements

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer 16 Müller Matrix ElementsSENTECH’s dedication to a broad application range for our spectroscopic ellipsometers gave rise to the new 2C-option for Müller Matrix Measurements. This smart option enables it`s users to measure all 16 Mueller Matrix elements...→ read more


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