Inline Carrier Lifetime Measurement


The MDPinline is designed for high speed mapping Si wafers on-the-fly, recording a full topogram of the carrier lifetime in less than one second per wafer. Carrier lifetime is measured quantitatively by means of MDP (microwave detected photoconductivity). With its compact design, the MDPinline can be flexibly integrated over a conveyor or into a wafer sorting system. Details for MDPinline here!


The state of the art system for topographic carrier lifetime measurement of multicrystalline bricks is designed for fabs with high throughput. The contactless, destruction free measurement of resistivity and carrier lifetime takes less than one minute at 1 mm resolution for one face of the brick. Mapping bricks for resistivity and conduction type changes can be used for quality control and monitoring furnace performance. Bricks can be automatically turned in order to measure all 4 sides of each brick. Details for MDPinline ingot here!


A variety of different samples ranging from mono- to multicrystalline silicon bricks, from as-grown wafers to processed wafers can be inspected by the MDPlinescan using carrier lifetime measurement. The hardware system is flexibly mounted to perform line scans of the samples. The software interface facilitates easy connection and communication with handling or automation systems. Details for MDPlinescan here!


The carrier lifetime measurement tool features mapping bricks (or wafers) in less than four minutes for one face of a 500 mm brick at 1 mm resolution. Resistivity and carrier lifetime are measured completely touch free. The characterisation by microwave detected photoconductivity (MDP) simultaneous measures minority carrier lifetime, photoconductivity, resistivity, and p/n conduction type change. Details for MDPpro here!


The offline tool MDPmap is designed for versatile, contactless electrical and carrier lifetime measurement of semiconductor wafers or partially processed wafers. The MDPmap enables continuously varying the excitation pulse width from very short pulse (100 ns) to steady state measurements (several ms), investigating defect dynamics and carrier lifetime properties in different depth. The intuitive software for mapping is suited for efficient routine measurements as well as for sophisticated R&D applications. Details for MDPmap here!


The cost effective, table top carrier lifetime tester MDPspot can be used for characterising wafers or bricks. It provides one measurement spot for carrier lifetime measurements. Details for MDPspot here!