Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with FTIR – SENDIRA

The spectroscopic ellipsometer SENDIRA measures thin film thickness, refractive index, extinction coefficient, and related properties of bulk materials, single layers, and multi-layer stacks.

Key features & benefits

Measurement Flexibility

The SENTECH SENDIRA spectroscopic ellipsometer  measures thin film thickness, refractive index, extinction coefficient, and related properties of bulk materials, single layers, and multi-layer stacks. The tool can be used for layers below covering layers that are non-transparent in the visible range making them accessible for measurement. The composition of materials and orientation of larger molecule groups and chains can be analysed.

Ellipsometric vibrational spectroscopy

The composition of thin layers is analysed using the absorption bands of molecular vibrational modes in the infrared spectrum. Also, the carrier concentration can be measured with this FTIR spectroscopic ellipsometer.

Fully applicable FTIR

For the commercial FTIR iS50 from the Thermo Fisher Scientific spectrometer, infrared ellipsometer optics is attached. It is available for general vibrational spectroscopy as well.

The SENTECH SENDIRA is specially designed for infrared (FTIR). The compact tabletop instrument comprises the purged ellipsometer optics, computer-controlled goniometer, horizontal sample platform, auto-collimating telescope, commercial FTIR, and DTGS or MCT detector. The FTIR provides excellent precision and high resolution in the spectral range from 400 cm-1 to 6,000 cm-1 (1.7 µm – 25 µm).

Precise measurement and accurate results

The SENTECH SENDIRA is focused on the vibrational spectroscopic analysis of thin layers. Applications range from dielectric films, TCOs, and semiconductors to organic layers. The SENDIRA is operated by SpectraRay/4 software. FTIR software is provided additionally.


You can combine two powerful methods: ellipsometry and vibrational spectroscopy, to gain valuable insights into the optical and vibrational properties of materials at a surface or interface

Reliable measurements to determine optical properties in the IR for IR optics. Draw meaningful conclusions, make predictions, and gain insights into the best layer and material designs for IR optics.

Allows you to explore the fundamental properties of matter in order to develop new materials for the  advancement of cutting edge technologies.

To provide fundamental insights into the structure and properties of your chosen materials.

To guide the synthesis and modification of your materials to meet desired performance criteria.

Accurate and precise measurement of impurities for reliability in your experimental results.

Gain a crucial understanding of optical and spectroscopic orientation of molecules vital to many leading edge applications in lab-on-a-chip, lifescience and bio-sensor applications.

Accurately measure electronic, optical, and structural properties to clearly determine functionality in your applications.

Gain valuable information about the quality and performance of your materials for precise conductivity measurements.

Enabling precise measurement and understanding of charge carrier concentration and electrical conductivity.

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