Fully-automated Thin Film Quality Control – SENDURO®MEMS

The SENDURO®MEMS is designed for precise and repeatable measurement of film thickness, refractive index, and extinction coefficient of materials relevant to MEMS and sensor fabrication.

Key features & benefits

Thin film quality control in sensors, MEMS, and rf/power device production

The SENTECH SENDURO®MEMS is a fully automated measurement tool for quality control in sensors, rf/power devices, SAW filters, and MEMS production. The tool provides reliable and precise measurement of thin film stacks, using spectroscopic reflectometry and ellipsometry. Wafers are loaded from standard cassettes and recipes carry out the quality control measurements. The tool is designed to measure film thicknesses, control deposition processes by measuring refractive indices of thin films, and prepare surface trimming for filters.

Backside protection by edge grip technology

In processes where backside protection is mandatory, double-sided patterned wafers can be measured by the SENTECH SENDURO®MEMS without touching the backside. Edge-grip wafer handling is available for 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm wafers. Cassette to cassette automatic wafer handling uses a robot, a pre-aligner, and 25-slot cassettes.  Single-point and multiple-point measurements are supported by up to 200 mm x-y mapping.

Comprehensive thin film analysis software SpectraRay/4

The SENDURO®MEMS is operated by the SENTECH SpectraRay/4 software. It provides a high level of flexibility in measuring the broad range of films and layer stacks as it is common in sensor and MEMS production. The SECS/GEM software interface option supports the communication between the manufacturing execution system (MES) and QC equipment (SENDURO®MEMS).

The SENTECH SENDURO®MEMS offers the configuration flexibility to meet the requirements of production control and QC.  The tool can be configured with µ-spot measurements in reflectometry and ellipsometry, and pattern recognition which provides the accurate measurement location. All measurements can be combined with edge-grip technology.

Flexibility and modularity

The SENTECH SENDURO®MEMS is designed for precise and repeatable measurement of film thickness, refractive index, and extinction coefficient of materials relevant to rf/power device, MEMS, and sensor fabrication with cassette loading:

  • Silicon oxide, silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride
  • Amorphous silicon, polysilicon
  • Photoresist, polyimide
  • Thin metal films of Al, Pt, Cr and conductive films of TiN, TaN, TCO and ITO
  • Single films and layer stacks of these materials on silicon wafers, silicon-on-insulator substrates, silicon membranes, GaN on silicon, SiC, and more.


  • Spot for mapping uniformity of test wafers
  • Mirco spots and pattern recognition for small fields of analysis
  • Extremely repeatable measurements with a high-precision spectroscopic ellipsometer, applying the most accurate Step Scan Analyser measurement mode, with no moving optical parts during data acquisition
  • Smallest spot size for smallest fields of analysis
  • Fast measurement time for efficient mapping
  • Fully automated pattern recognition for measuring in fields of analysis
  • Two-step pattern recognition of alignment marks and fields of analysis
  • Easy teaching of new patterns
  • Minimum edge exclusion
  • Flexibility for multiple wafer sizes with quick change
  • 2 cassette/carrier stations with flexible carrier size
  • Automatic cassette/carrier detection: presents and size
  • Basic SECS/GEM integration with communication to MES
  • Advanced SECS/GEM integration including process program management and remote control by MES
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