Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Photovoltaics – SER 800 PV

The spectroscopic ellipsometer SER 800 PV is the ideal tool for the analysis of functional and antireflective coatings on textured crystalline silicon solar cells in a R&D environement.

Key features & benefits

Textured silicon wafers

Anti-reflective coatings and passivation layers can be measured on textured monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon wafers.

Multilayer AR coatings

Coatings of SiO2 / SiNx, Al2O3 / SiNx, and SiNx1 / SiNx2, poly-Si, aSi / ITO, Perovskites can be analysed.

Easy operation

The SENTECH SER 800 PV spectroscopic ellipsometer offers easy operation for both, experts and beginners. The recipe mode is especially suited for routine applications required in quality control.

The SENTECH SER 800 PV spectroscopic ellipsometer matches the requirement for R&D of new solar cell technologies like PERC, TOPCON, HJT, and Perovskites technology. It offers easy operation for high measurement sensitivity, depolarisation correction, and special light-collecting optics making it the ideal tool for photovoltaic applications on rough sample surfaces.

Measurement on crystalline Silicon solar cell with alkaline textured surface

Flexibility for R&D in photovoltaics

The SENTECH SER 800 PV is the ideal tool for the analysis of antireflective coatings and functional layers on textured crystalline and multicrystalline silicon solar cells. Single films (SiNx, SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3, ITO, aSi, poly-Si and Perovskites) and multilayer stacks (SiNX / SiO2, SiNx1 / SiNx2, SiNx / Al2O3, …) can be measured.

The tool is based on the Step Scan Analyser measurement mode. The Step Scan Analyser mode allows for matching the measurement parameters to rough sample surfaces, while all optical parts are at rest. The light source, optics, and detector of the SENTECH SER 800 PV are optimised for fast and accurate measurements of refractive index, absorption, and film thickness for PV applications. Moreover, the tool fulfils all requirements of the SENresearch spectroscopic ellipsometer family.

SpectraRay/4, the SENTECH proprietary ellipsometer software for the SENTECH SER 800 PV, comprises two modes of operation. The recipe mode allows for easy execution of routine applications in quality control. The interactive mode with a guiding graphical user interface is suited for R&D applications and the development of new recipes.

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