RIE Plasma Etch System with He Backside Cooling – SI 500 CCP

A conductively coupled plasma etch tool with Helium backside cooling for processing of substrates in RIE mode.

Key features & benefits

Remarkable Material Etching Flexibility

From structuring dielectrics to III-V compounds like GaAs and InP, the SENTECH SI 500 CCP RIE Plasma Etch system with Helium (He) backside cooling, works across a wide temperature range (RT to 250°C). Physical etching of metals and slow etching of quantum materials such as graphene and hBN are possible.

Excellent process stability

He backside cooling and dynamic temperature control enable steady etching by preventing substrate heating. Using SENTECH adaptive substrate handling, small wafers can be easily processed with He backside cooling, without opening the reactor.

Excellent uniformity

The SI 500 CCP operates in RIE mode with a showerhead for uniform gas distribution, providing excellent uniformity and consistent results up to 200 mm substrates.


The SENTECH SI 500 CCP system represents the leading edge in material etching flexibility using dynamic temperature control with He backside cooling. Substrate temperature setting and stability during the plasma etching processes are demanding criteria for high-quality etching. The substrate electrode with dynamic temperature control in combination with He backside cooling and wafer backside temperature sensing provides excellent process conditions over a wide temperature range.

Flexibility and modularity

The SENTECH SI 500 CCP is a conductively coupled plasma (CCP) etch system with He backside cooling for the processing of substrates in RIE mode. It is designed for modularity and process flexibility in the area of III/V and Si processing.

The system is well-proven in the all important etching processes of different technologies and can perform a wide variety of etch processes.

The SENTECH SI 500 CCP  is controlled by advanced hardware and SIA operating software, with a client-server architecture. A well-proven, reliable programmable logic controller (PLC) is used for the real-time control of all components.


  • CCP plasma etch system
  • He backside cooling
  • Dynamic temperature control up to 250 °C
  • For up to 200 mm wafers
  • Upgradable to fully functional ICP-RIE system with PTSA ICP source
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