Berlin, 03.05.2017



In April 2017 two of the major exhibition highlights for SENTECH took place in China. As we are experts in leading edge plasma process technology equipment for etching and deposition, as well as thin film measurement instrumentation, the SEMICON China 2017 was a must attend event for us. Our representative booth attracted many guests and led to fruitful discussions with the Chinese SENTECH staff. The presentation of new plasma etching and deposition applications to the Chinese market were the highlights of the exhibition.

Plasma etching and deposition cluster tools for industrial and R&D applications were our topic at the SEMICON China 2017. SENTECH cluster configurations are combinations of etch, deposition and/or ALD technologies. Semiconductor and dielectric materials are processed automatically without interruption of vacuum and with high throughput. Cassette loading is available optionally. Therefore, SENTECH cluster configurations are especially suited for industrial applications.

Further, SENTECH presentation focused on new applications of our top selling plasma etching and deposition systems SI 500 and SI 500 D. Customer oriented applications for industrial use were our main target. The results of deep etching of fused silica, through silicon vias and trenches especially attracted the interest of our guests. The unique results of a very low etching rate combined with damage less ICP etching for GaN devices and the newest results of etching of InP pillars were of great interest too. In the field of plasma enhanced deposition we focused on ICPECVD using liquid precursors and the applications of silane and TEOS based deposition processes for the isolation of high aspect ratio TSV’s.

The SNEC 2017 PV Power EXPO which is the world leading photovoltaic exhibition was attended by SENTECH as well. Taking place on April 19-21, 2017 in Shanghai, the SNEC 2017 exhibitors presented innovative solutions and new products for the production of clean and sustainable energy. Highlight of the SENTECH booth was the SENperc PV. This tool was newly innovated; it is applied for quality control for PERC back side manufacturing. At SNEC 2016 the SENperc PV was awarded as one of the Top 10 Highlights. The SENTECH visitors were highly interested in exploring how this tool features quality control of double (SiNx/Al2O3) and single layers (Al2O3, SiNx) on the backside of mc-Si and c-Si cells.

SENTECH presented furthermore the well-known metrology products SE 400adv PV and SE 800 PV. Both products are the standard products for film thickness measurements of ARC coatings. Easy to operate, high measurement sensitivity, depolarization correction, and special light collecting optics are the main features of these tools. Both ellipsometer tools have proved itself on the Asian market through their reliability and high quality measurements.

We want to thank all our guests and of course the staff from SENTECH China for a successful SEMICON China 2017 and SNEC 2017. For more information on our Cluster Tools, Plasma etchers and PECVD systems as well as our metrology tools for Photovoltaics please contact us.


Photovoltaic Show SNEC 2017SENTECH China staff at SEMICON 2017