Berlin 11.03.2016

New Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SENresearch 4.0 launched!


SENTECH Instruments is a leading supplier of plasma process technology equipment for etching and deposition and thin film metrology instruments based on spectroscopic ellipsometry.

SENTECH proudly presents the new spectroscopic ellipsometer SENresearch 4.0.

The SENresearch 4.0 is an innovative ellipsometry solution which features widest spectral ranges and highest spectral resolution. The Step Scan Analyser (SSA) principle is applied for ellipsometric measurement, i.e. there are no moving optical parts during data acquisition for best measurement results. The intensity measurement is decoupled from the mechanical movement. The extension of the SSA principle by the innovative 2C design allows measuring the full Mueller matrix. SENresearch 4.0 comes with SpectraRay/4, the new comprehensive ellipsometry software for advanced material analysis.

Widest spectral range

The SENresearch 4.0 is the only ellipsometer worldwide which can be configured for the spectral range from 190 nm to 3,500 nm (UV to NIR). Furthermore, it features highest spectral resolution. Thick films (up to 200 µm) can be analysed by FTIR ellipsometry. The spectroscopic ellipsometer is configured to perfectly fit the user’s individual application requirements.

There are a computer controlled goniometer and a manual goniometer for the SENresearch 4.0. The new computer controlled Pyramid Goniometer features an angle range from 20 deg to 100 deg. The spectroscopic ellipsometer arms can be moved independently for scatterometry and angle resolved transmission measurements.

The innovative design of SENresearch 4.0 allows time-resolved analysis of growth, deposition, and etching processes. A kinematic mount allows easy removal of the ellipsometer arms from the reaction chamber and the attachment to a goniometer.

New modular concept for options and accessories

SENresearch 4.0 spectroscopic ellipsometer stands out with a large number of field upgradable accessories and options. Mapping stages, turntable for anisotropic samples, 2C option for full Mueller matrix measurement, video based auto height and tilt adjustment, micro spots, liquid cells, heating & cooling stages, and transmission holder are just a few of those accessories. The accessories can be purchased directly with the ellipsometer or field upgraded later on. The SENresearch 4.0 can be adapted to changing applications using the field upgradable accessories.

The SENresearch 4.0 is the ideal R&D tool for the investigation of new materials, complex layer stacks, and 2D & 3D periodic structured samples. For more information about the new SENresearch 4.0 please contact us here or via mail: