Berlin, 13.08.2014

Dutch universities opt for SENTECH service and flexibility

 ICP RIE Plasma Etcher

SENTECH offers leading edge plasma process technology equipment for etching and deposition and thin film measurement instrumentation based on ellipsometry. The advanced SENTECH plasma equipment is based on the inductively coupled plasma source PTSA (planar triple spiral antenna) which was developed by SENTECH for low damage and high rate etching and deposition. The latest product development at SENTECH expands the ICPECVD product line by ALD and plasma enhanced ALD systems.

The Technical University Eindhoven as well as the University of Groningen are convinced of SENTECH`s excellent service and the high flexibility of SENTECH plasma systems. Plasma systems SI 500 ICP RIE were purchased with 6 and 5 gas lines, respectively, to cover a variety of applications. Before changing to SENTECH systems both universities had been using etching systems of other manufacturers. After the replacement, both institutions appreciate the quality and flexible performance of the inductively coupled plasma etchers SI 500 ICP RIE.

Mr. Johan Holsten, responsible person for the cleanroom in Groningen, chose SENTECH because of the high end components integrated in SENTECH systems. Mr. Holsten was delighted about the rapid installation and the customer oriented service of SENTECH. Quoting Mr. Holsten: “SENTECH was perfectly able to meet our expectations. We have been especially pleased by the individual optimization of the processes and the performance of the plasma etcher. Other manufacturers aren’t able to react to our individual needs at every time. “

Mr. Holsten is convinced of the performance of his SI 500 ICP RIE and he has recommended SENTECH to his former colleague at TU Eindhoven. Mr. Ambrosius, managing director at the nano lab at TU Eindhoven, purchased a SI 500 ICP RIE because the SI 500 ICP RIE with 5 gas lines solves his plasma etching applications with one chamber. We are looking forward to a great cooperation in the future. For more information about our ICP RIE systems contact us here!