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Remote Service

For a remote support of your system including a direct access
by using the internet, please follow the steps below:

1. Contact our SENTECH Service Team
    Phone: +49 30 6392 5555
    E-mail: service@sentech.de

2. Download the software manual:
    SENTECH Remote support

3. Download the software package:
    SENTECH Remote Support_2022
    and run "Sentech Remote Support.exe"

4. Send the TeamViewer ID and Password
    via E-mail

For plasma process system related enquiries to service.plasma@sentech.de

For thin film metrology related enquiries to service.plasma@sentech.de

Declaration of Contamination

This declaration is neccessary for the repair or maintenance of electrodes, pumps, valves, and other components of plasma technology systems which were in contact with process gases and other potential harmful materials.

Here, service can only be performed with a duly completed and signed declaration of contamination. For each item a separate statement is necessary. The declaration can only be completed and signed by authorized personnel.

  Service_Declaration of Contamination (English)

  Service_Kontaminationserklärung (German)