Projects and Partnerships

SENTECH Instruments is currently involved within a number of projects, working together with universities, institutes, and companies in research and development of new innovations.

EMA3D - joint research project between ISAS, HZB und SENTECH

Federal_Ministry_for_regional_ developmentEFREfunded by Pro FIT Nr. 10160255 (ISAS), 10160256 (SENTECH), 10160265 (HZB) – EFRE

Design, process control and exploitation of new technological capabilities of surfaces and films for optical and biotechnological applications require nondestructive measurement devices and methods for characterization. By means of the financial funding by the European Regional Development Fund new ellipsometric methods for the analysis of surfaces for optical and biotechnological applications (biosensors or biotemplates) will be investigated and enhanced. The expertise of three partners located in Berlin are merged in this joint research project.

The following research objectives are covered by the three project partners:

  • SENTECH Instruments GmbH: spectroscopic reflectometry and ellipsometry, plasma etching and deposition, metrology for solar cells
  • HZB: development of processes and structures for novel solar cells and biotemplates, scanning electron microscopy, fluorescence-, Raman- and photoluminescence spectroscopy, electrochemistry
  • ISAS: IR-UV spectroscopy/ellipsometry, structural analysis, methodical developments, in the field of IR spectroscopy and modeling of optical properties of novel materials and surfaces

ANAKONDA, continuous roll-to-roll deposition of transparent barrier layers

ANAKONDA is a cooperative project to develop a new and innovative plasma based deposition method for flexible barrier films. Within this project SENTECH will develop an advanced plasma ALD system for continuous deposition of barrier films on temperature-sensitive interlayers which are often used in photovoltaics and green technologies.

Partners of the project:Federal_Ministry_of_Education_and_Research

ANAKONDA is funded by BMBF.


Target of this project is to develop a nanoscale adhesion promoter to enhance the adhesion and adhesive strength of critical network systems using ALD hybrid processes.

Partners in the project are:


The project TCO4CIGS aims to improve the efficiency of thin film solar cells by optimizing the properties of the sub-layers. Within the project SENTECH Instruments will adapt and develop existing optical measurement and characterization methods for routine use in thin-film PV production. The main focus is on inline monitoring and large-scale survey.

Partners of the project are:


PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) is currently the only industrially, economically justifiable cell power increasing technology that meets the requirements for a good balance between manufacturing costs (US$/W) and efficiency, thus securing interesting payback periods for the investment. In this project basic research on very thin backside insulating layers is supported by high speed in-situ ellipsometry for monitoring the growth mechanism starting from the very first monolayer. ALD from SENTECH will be used to study a surface conformal layer with high density and thicknesses of about 10 nm. These studies will be accompanied by detailed plasma diagnostics contributed by our project partners.

Partners in this project are:


Federal_Ministry_for_regional_ developmentEFREEnhancing the light output power of diode lasers significantly can be done by electrically pulsing them in practically isothermal conditions. This allows for much higher current levels as would be acceptable for DC operation condition. To do this very short high current nanosecond or sub-nanosecond pulses with current levels of several tens of Amperes are necessary.

Special GaN switching transistors for hybride integration of diode laser and transistor will be developed for this application in the project PioneerGaN combining the strengths from Partners from Berlin and Poland within the Cluster alliance PHOENIX.

An innovative vertical transistor construction principle allows for the current flowing directly from the transistor to the diode laser on its shortest possible way. SENTECH will develop special ALD layer technology to deposit high-quality gate insulator layers for the proposed vertical GaN-based field effect transistors with high conformality.

This project has been co-financed by Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE). Pro Fit No. 10157846


Partner in the project are:

rollerNIL - nanostructuring on large areas

The rollerNIL project aims at the replication of different kinds of complex optical nanostructures using roller-based nanoimprint lithography. Roll-to-roll as well as roll-to-plate nanoimprinting will be used. Master, material and quality controll issues will be treated as well.

Partners of the project:

FlexCoPlas, highly flexible precision coatings


FlexCoPlas is a project to research highly flexible optical precision coatings on polymer surfaces.

Within this project, SENTECH Instruments will create a monitoring system which helps to produce these surfaces by  analyzing optical properties and the thickness of the coatings during the manufacturing process and of the final coatings.  Read more ...