Automated mapping system for thin film metrology SenSol


Entire surface analysis

The SenSol mapping system is designed for thin film metrology at every location on the panel, especially at the edges.

TCO mapping

TCOs can be investigated for homogeneity in thickness, sheet resistance, spectrally resolved haze H(λ), reflection R(λ), and transmission T(λ).

Process optimization

Running-in times for new deposition processes or after cleaning the deposition systems are significantly reduced.

The at-line SenSol mapping system is designed for quality control of thin film properties in PV manufacturing of thin films on glass sheets. A large varity of sensors can be integrated into the SenSol sensor platform. That allows for particularized process monitoring giving the opportunity to compensate process drifts.

Oerlikon Solar, Switzerland, a leading provider of thin film metrology equipment for PV and one of SENTECH key reference customers, ensures excellent production results by process monitoring with SenSol.

SENTECH easy-to-use, recipe oriented SenSol mapping software offers a flexible and customized interface to the manufacturer host computer as well as customer specific graphical representation of the actual thin film metrology result.

SenSol_FrontSenSol H_Haze MesskopfSensol_hazemapSensol_thickness-mapSensol_sheetresistance-mapSenSol_AZOhazeSenSol_AZOresistance

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Documents   To get more information, please click here.