Berlin, 28.04.2015

SENTECH Seminar Plasma Process Technology Seminar 2015


SENTECH offers leading edge plasma process technology equipment for etching, deposition and thin film measurement instrumentation based on ellipsometry. The advanced SENTECH plasma equipment is based on the inductively coupled plasma source PTSA (planar triple spiral antenna) which was developed by SENTECH for low damage and high rate etching and deposition. The latest product development at SENTECH expands the ICPECVD product line by plasma enhanced Atomic layer deposition systems and in situ monitoring systems.

SENTECH has organized a seminar on Plasma Process Technology on March 5th 2015, held at SENTECH Instruments in Berlin Adlershof. The Seminar was the 10th plasma seminar and attracted more than 50 specialists from industry, research institutions and universities. Aim of the seminar was to bring various user groups from industry and R&D together for networking. Taking the opportunity SENTECH introduced the new ALD Real Time Monitor.

The contributions by invited speakers and SENTECH specialists covered all relevant topics from (ICP-)RIE – over (IC-)PECVD to (PE-)ALD processing. The following will summarise the hot topics of the SENTECH seminar on plasma process technology.

One of the most interesting applications on the field of ALD is the deposition of very thin, conformal functional layers. Mr Daniel Kasemann from TU Dresden has given a very interesting overview about the development of very dense Al2O3 barrier layers for OLED devices.

SENTECH introduced its innovative ALD Real Time Monitor, a tool that allows the very precise monitoring of ALD processes and layers. Due to the very rapid measurement time (40 ms) and extraordinary sub-Angstrom precision, the layer thickness during an ALD processes is measured in real time, allowing the adjustment of the ALD parameters during the processes.

Mr Yuqing Jiao of Nanolab @ TU Eindhoven has presented his results on a RIE process for 400 nm wide InP mono mode wave guides with low roughness, smooth and nearly verticals sidewalls. The achieved selectivity of the nitride mask to InP exceeds 100.

Finally the participants of the seminar were invited to visit the SENTECH application laboratories and manufacturing facility. The participants especially liked the presentation of the user-friendly software.

The invited speakers and participants contributed to the success of the seminar on plasma process technology in 2015. Hence, SENTECH is going to organize further seminars dedicated to SENTECH Plasma Process Technology. The presentations and information are available by SENTECH upon request.

Next SENTECH seminar will take place on June 18, 2015 in Stuttgart and will cover the application field of thin film characterization. You can receive further information on upcoming seminar by contacting us!