SENTECH Ellipsometry Workshop in Beijing


(SENTECH application engineer Mr. Peters presents SpectraRay/4 – SENTECH comprehensive software of spectroscopic ellipsometry)

A SENTECH workshop on Ellipsometry took place in January 9-11, 2019 in Beijing, China. There is a large interest of Chinese scientists and users in SENTECH innovative thin film measurement tools. That’s why SENTECH is organizing application-oriented workshops and seminars in China frequently. This is to update already existing users as well as prospective customers on new metrology applications and their possibilities of use.

The three-day seminar took place at the „National Center of Nano-Science and Technology“ (NCNST), one of the most important users of SENTECH plasma and metrology products in China.

Main topics of the workshop were the various application modes of SENTECH comprehensive spectroscopic ellipsometry software SpectraRay/4 and its key features for solving simple and most complex thin film applications.

The 25 participants of the workshop represented scientists from institutes of the Chinese Academy of Science, Universities & companies. They were very interested in the presentations of Sven Peters, the senior application engineer of SENTECH. He presented typical examples of ellipsometric applications including the optimal use of dispersion models (from simple Cauchy to complex oscillator models), of Mueller matrix formalism, and of scatterometry investigations on periodic structures. The applications discussed by Sven Peters found a broad interest of the audience. This was also supported by the translation into Chinese language by service engineer Tennyson Wang of SENTECH China Sales Office.

For all participants there was the possibility to measure their own samples after the two days of presentations. Many of them took this opportunity to learn even more about SENTECH ellipsometers. Measurement results could be compared, the validity could be checked, and the final results could be discussed with Sven Peters and Tennyson Wang. Further the participants were able to figure out, how SENTECH ellipsometry can solve their applications properly. Getting to know more about the key functions of SpectraRay/4 gained most interest at this point.

We would like to thank all participants of this event for their interest on SENTECH ellipsometry products and the great engagement. We want to say sorry to those who weren’t able to attend this time because of the restricted space for such a workshop. The next will follow very soon. Please express your interest in good time at our Chinese Sales Office. We would like to express a special thanks to the person in charge of NCNST who gave us the possibility to use their laboratories and presentation facilities.

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