QC for PERC back side manufacturing SENperc PV

PERC Cells measurement SENperc PV

QC for PERC back side manufacturing

The SENperc PV is designed for quality control in PERC solar cell manufacturing. Al2O3/SiNx layer stacks and single films for passivation of PERC solar cells are measured. The stability of the deposition process is monitored over long time. Thereby, maintenance intervals are optimized.

Thickness and refractive index measurement of Al2O3 and SiNx films on PERC back side

The SENperc PV comes with straight forward, recipe based push-button operation. The PERC solar cell is placed with the side to be measured upside down on the sample table. No alignment is required. The cell ID is entered and the measurement is started. Thickness and refractive index are measured and saved to the SQL database.

Long term stability monitoring of Al2O3 and SiNx deposition

Statistical process control (SPC) is applied to evaluate the PERC solar cell. Preset ranges are applied for yield analysis. Direct and long-term feedback is provided to the operator for immediate intervention. The SQL database is permanently accessible locally as well as via LAN to support cell tracking and yield analysis.