ICP-RIE Plasma Etching:

Plasma_cryogenicSiPlasma_lithographyPlasma etching result of VCSEL structure using Ar-Cl2 gas mixtureEtching process result of Si-DRIE (SF6-C4F8-O2) post O2 cleanPlasma etching result of SF6-C4F8 based gas chopping process(IAP-Jena)ICP PECVD TEOS SiO2 film step coverage over Si ridge(IISB-Erlangen)ICP RIE result of SF6O2-C4F8-based Si gas chopping process

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SENTECH was part of the project "Research on highly flexible optical precision layers on polymer surfaces (FlexCoPas)" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Within this project we have been able to develop a device, which carries out transmission measurements on foils and lenses. Further an optical broadband monitoring with adaptive strategy was developed based on the in situ transmission measurement. →read more


In April 2017 two of the major exhibition highlights for SENTECH took place in China. The SEMICON China 2017 was a must attend event for us.The SNEC 2017 PV Power EXPO which is the world leading photovoltaic exhibition was attended by SENTECH as well.The presentation of new plasma etching and deposition applications to the Chinese market as well as the promotion of the newly launched SENperc PV were the highlights of the two exhibitions. →read more

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